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Update on Reboot


Reboot V1 Completed. BOOM!

To be honest, the pictures do not show any difference. But I’ve managed to lose 3kg from July 1-August 17. I know the days don’t add up to 30. I started Reboot on July 1, face-planted halfway through, dusted myself up and restarted on July 19 and did a full 30 days!

Clothes fit much better, some are loose, face is glowing, mood has improved. I’m a happier, healthier version of ME!

Did I mention I’m happy?

The challenge now is to maintain the healthier eating habits, the consistency in water intake, and hopefully start training again.

Also, I will slowly integrate the healthier eating habits into the family eating habits, to avoid having to cook separate food all the time.

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Last week (July 4-10) was my first week of detox this year.

I’ve tried REBOOT before, but could never make it past Day 4.

This is something similar to Whole30

It us aimed at eating only whole foods, less processed food, less sugar. Generally detoxing your body of the “junk” you always feed it.

I’m proud to say that I’ve survived the first 7 days. Whoop-whoop!

I’m just taking this one day at a time, one meal at a time!

Wish me luck.

I will try and update as the second week progresses.

Life and food

I’ve been neglecting to update my progress.

In terms of weight in kg’s not much has happened, I’ve lost 2kg in 2 months. Body fat has moved down from 30.5% to 30%. Water intake fluctuates a lot. Some days are good, some are terrible. Muscle mass is steadily increasing, yay!

In terms of how I feel: clothes fit a little better; mood swings are down to a minimum, I feel happier; I’m less tired, less aches and pains.

Food; I’ve been trying really hard to eat well.


Weird feelings

I miss gym.

I’m travelling this week. Travelling does not agree with me. My body always finds a way to rebel against me when I’m travelling. I have ailments I thought I outgrew.

So, I’ve been to gym only once this week. I miss it. It gives me structure.

I know for a fact that next week, when I return to gym, I’m gonna be sore all over because of missing a couple of days of training.

My body is such a traitor and a self-hater!
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The difference between Me and a Sack of Potatoes

…is that potatoes are delicious and they don’t feel excruciating pain when they fall down. Bwaaahahahaha #bucketoftears

This morning as I came out of the house, to go to work, I tripped on nothing and fell, HARD!

As I was falling, multiple things were rushing in my head;
-Am I really falling?
-I bet I can stabilize myself.
-This is not happening to me.
-It’s too early and too cold for this. -I’m too old for this shit!

Finally all I could say was: “Uuuuuuugh! F*@k! S*#t! Uuuuuuuugh!

And of cause I cried. It was cold. And I badly scrapped my knee. I saw “white meat”! Pain! Lotsa pain!

Unfortunately that was no excuse to miss gym this evening.
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Of Husbands and Torture

So, the other day, against my better judgement (I’m beginning to think I don’t have any), I decided to attend Hubby’s spinning class.

I was just curious, since everyone was singing him praises (himself included).

I regret that decision.


I have no words. I don’t know that man. I have no intention of attending his classes, ever again!

I’m proud of what he has achieved in a not-so-long time, though.


I think something is wrong with me. Well, okay I know something is wrong with me, but this is a new kind of insanity.

I’m sore all over, it’s like I just started training. Going to the loo is pure torture. Laughing is murderous.

The insane part is that this pain that I’m feeling makes feel things. Turns me on. Makes me want to work, DTD, through the pain.

Weird right? I mean, I’m exhausted, just sore, ALL OVER. But for some reason, when I get home all I want is sexy time with hubby.

Progress or lack-thereof.



In an effort to reduce junk and eat clean, I bought a lot of veges and fruits. The downside was that most of those fresh produce was used by me only.

That means that some were losing their freshness in the fridge. So I’ve to rescue them by making smoothies.

That has become my breakfast for most mornings.

My target is to reduce the Body Fat percentage by the end of May. ANY reduction is welcome. Any.

When Life Happens

This week life has turned my life upsidedown. I’ve only attended gym once and the results are near catastrophic.

I don’t sleep well, I’m super exhausted, I’m cranky, my face is breaking out. I try to eat “clean”, but I’m only about 60% successful.

I’m trying not to let life derail me. Next week I’ll try to do better, to be better.

Against my better judgement, I’ve promised my trainer that next week I’ll attend gym twice (morning and evening).

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